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ELASMO I: Welcome to Elasmo

by Joana Cartolano Leal


Welcome to ELASMO!
During 2020 it became increasingly apparent that teachers needed help producing online materials, that could be used with both students in the classroom and also students working from home online.

The idea of producing this material took shape and became a European wide initiative involving 3 NGOs - Sharklab-Malta; Marine Dimensions in Ireland and LAMNA in Spain.

All three organisations are involved in environmental work especially involving the marine world and have close links with local schools. Hence the name, ELASMO - short for elasmobranch - cartilaginous fish such as sharks, rays, and skates.
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
In this e-book, we introduce ourselves and our organisations, so that you know with whom you are working.

We are all experienced in working with school children but until recently it was all hands-on.

It is now all digital.

Everything in this project will be online. Our meetings with teachers and our passing on of materials - everything will be online!
So what's the plan..?
This is our mascot ELASMO!
He is our Captain and will guide you on a journey through the seas to introduce you to its creatures!

Every 3 months we will take off on an adventure, each exploring a new theme!
The next time you meet Elasmo, you will be finding out how sharks have lived on the earth for so long and because you are always interested in them - "Megalodon - extinct or just hiding?"
Hi my name is ELASMO, I'd like to introduce you to the crew members of our yellow submarine 
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Welcome to Sharklab!
We are an organisation of volunteers based in Malta that researches, teaches and tries to make a difference for sharks, rays and skates in the Mediterranean.
These photos show some of what we do.
Brownies learning on the beach
Happy snorkellers