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Digital Citizenship Tips

by Zachary and Michael

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Stay Safe Online
A Digital Citizenship Book For Kids
By Zachary And Michael
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Safety Fact 1
Only share stuff on the internet that you are allowed to, or that is safe.
Safety Fact 2
Do not share your friends or family's private info.
Safety Fact 3
Do not cyberbully anyone that you know or you do not know.
Safety Fact 4
Don't share your wifi with strangers, because then they can hack you.
Safety Fact 5
Be safe online because you can be hacked.
Safety fact 6
Don't share when your at an example (I'm at a restaurant right now and here's the location.) Also, don't share your address.
Tech Tips
You should not listen to strangers because they may be a hacker or, maybe they want your personal information.
When there's an option to use a strong password click it.
Click save your password in case you forget it.