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The pirate and the Princess

by Alexandre, Nuno, Tomás, André M and André S. 9th grade


Once upon a time there was a story between a pirate and his beloved princess of the Caribbean Castle.
She was kidnapped by a group of jealous pirates who wanted to keep the very beautiful princess.
The pirates took the princess to an abandoned house far from the Caribbean port, and locked her in a room where they could only open with a diamond key.
Soon after, on a bright starry night, the pirate began looking for his beloved one. However, he was very worried and nervous, because he did not know how she was.
He took a bottle of water to hydrate himself, fish to feed on, a sword to protect himself and a magnifying glass to find the diamond key.
After much searching in forests, deserts, villages, he could only find it when he saw in the middle of nowhere the abandoned house, but lacked the most difficult thing that was to find the key.
Except that, as the other pirates were a bit of a trickster, they dropped the diamond key on the edge of the entrance.
The pirate managed to save the beautiful princess and so they lived a life with much love and happiness.
Work realized by: Alexandre Freitas, Nuno Pereira, André Silva, André Morado e Tomás Almeida

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