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by Joliena Samoylovich

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Me and Uncle Romie
By: Joliena
Essential Question
How do an artist's experiences affect his or her art?
Predictive Writing:
What do you think this story is going to be about?
I think me and uncle Romie is about a boys birthday and he meets his uncle in a long time and going somewhere in a train maybe in the city.
Think about using your senses to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel the author’s words. Try to see a picture in your own mind.

Reread this paragraph and try to explain how you visualize this part of the story. How do you picture Uncle Romie?

Lying in the dark, I heard heavy footsteps in the hall. A giant stared at me from the doorway. "Hello there, James." Uncle Romie's voice was deep and loud, like thunder. "Thanks for the pepper jelly," he boomed.
I think Uncle Romie looks like and sounds like.I think he is tall deep voice he looks like James father I think Uncle Romie is James father’s brother.
Pick one of these events in the story to summarize and write 3-5 sentences that retells this part in the story.
James waits for Aunt Nanette when she gets him he is nervous because he never met her. They got home and aunt Nanette said Uncle Romie has a Art studi. (that is lame) said James.
When James first arrived in New York City and spent time with Aunt Nannette (pages 232-235)

Sounds good Jojo...just read over and add some punctuation. You have one long sentence. What was lame?
The theme of a story is the main message the author wants readers to understand. Think about what happens in the story and what the characters learn. What does the author want you to learn by reading the story?

What is the theme of Me and Uncle Romie? 
Don’t judge a book by its cover and appropriate what you have.Some people might be different but does not mean you can’t be friends whith them.
Point of View
All stories are told from a certain point of view, or perspective. When a story is written in first person, it is told by a narrator who is also one of the story characters. They use words like I, me and they don't usually know the thoughts of the other characters. When a story is written in the third person, it is told from an outside observer's point of view.

Who is telling the story? How do you know?
James because he is saying me and Aunt Nanette.
Collage Project
Project 1: Think about a day that was a memorable to you


Project 2: Think about an adult who is important to you

In your novel journal, make a Circle Map and brainstorm items would you include in a collage about that person or that day. Then take a picture of the Circle Map and put the picture here.
I made it about the trip when I went to Disney land whith my best friend Stephanie.