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Business to the Rescue

by Edward, Tatum, Brady, Ailyn


Business to the Rescue
This is our business The Chunky Monkey, it is an ice cream shop located in Idalia Colorado that serves many different flavors of amazing soft serve!! It is owned by Ailyn, Tatum, Brady, and Edward. Our employees are like no other--they are superheroes! They are also ice cream characters, so don't eat them, but they each have superpowers that help them do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We hope you enjoy your visit at the Chunky Monkey!
Information Management
An information management personnel would deal with a 2% increase by having strong leadership and commanding her teammates through the rough patches with her great leadership and foresight. She can use her superpower of foresight and her crystal ball to help navigate through the increase. She can help the financing agent save money and manage that money. Reena can help her business achieve strong outcomes by identifying opportunities and managing risk to help her business thrive!
Information management provides recommendations and oversees projects and personnel of the business. Reena the rocky road ice cream cone is in charge of the information management category of our ice cream business. She has the power of foresight so that she can predict the outcomes of the business.
A finance job requires the employee to prepare and post receipts, deposits, purchase orders, invoices, refunds, and other standard bookkeeping tasks.
Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable.
Review and process reimbursements, prepare, track, and reconcile ledgers and budgets.
Prepare and submit payroll. This superhero is named Cocoa, she is a chocolate ice cream cone. Her body is a calculator and receipt printer so that she is always ready to do her job. 
In order to help her business with the 2% increase Cocoa can help restrain the businesses spending so that they can use more of their money to help get the business back on their feet. She can look into the market and help raise funds to gain more money for the Chunky Monkey!
Human Resource Management
The next hero you'll be meeting is Vanessa the Vanilla Ice Cream.

Her power is mind control to help her with her job duties which include Recruiting, Maintaining a safe workplace environment, Administering Payroll, Overseeing Training, Obeying labor laws, Disciplining Employees, and Managing benefit packages.
A Human Resource Manager would deal with a 2% increase by managing liquid resources wisely and making decisions about which employees are the most essential to the businesses success.
General Management
Super hero:
Rachal the Raspberry Swirl
Power: Has the ability to see through walls and can know at all time where everyone is and doing their task.
Job Duties
Making sure money is flowing smoothly, making sure everyone is on task, making sure upper management knows what is going on weekly, making sure everything is up to health regulations, managing new prices and new ice cream flavors
A General Management agent would deal with an 2 percent increase by raising the price on certain products to the public. Would increase prices through out all the products that they sale.