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Our school water guide

by Lumi, Néva and Louison

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roland dorgeles edition
our water guide
The different water sources in our school
There are a lot of water sources in our school : in room 14,12,21,T1,T2, (sciences room and art room) teachers room and of course also in toilets or cafeteria.
So there are 9 water sources.
So in our school access to fresh water is easy. If you want drink or wash your hands you ask to the teacher, and if you're lucky, he says yes, and you go to the toilets.
If you are thirsty, take a bottle in your back bag !! Teachers rarely say yes for go to the toilets. Toilets are, during the class, closes.
In winter, you can put in your bottle some tea, hot chocolate or coffee. Very practical:)
This is the teacher room. In this room, there are their lockers, a coffee machine, a fridge, and some computers.
Access to freshwater
art room (21)
There is a tap for when you paint (water color) and for clean after the class.
This is the second floor of our school. There are 5 classroom and the teacher room.
chemistry room
This is an office for the sciences teachers. They also put all the experimental material in this place. Not a lot of students have all ready been here.
biology room
This is the first floor. There are two sciences room, for chemistry and biology.
Here we are :)
This is the chemistry room. We study water in 7 grade.
girls toilets
boys toilets
This is the playground. It is very little, but very pretty with its colorful benches.
There are the toilets.