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the internet



The internet
Name: Alberto Ramirez

Grade: 9no C

Teacher: Heidy
the internet is a good place for all the information and audiovisual content it has but a dark and very perverse side, I will talk about the 2 types of internet there are, the normal internet and the dark internet, but first a reminder of what the Internet. Internet: Worldwide computer network that uses the telephone line to transmit information. keeping this in mind now if we see what the internet is
It is a large network of computers worldwide, which can exchange information with each other.
They can communicate because they are linked through telephone connections, cable, airwaves, or other
type of technology and thanks to the fact that they use a common language or protocol, TCP/IP, which are
rules that tell us how data has to travel through the network. The Internet is a worldwide network
where computers are connected to it and use a common language. A website is like a
book, web pages are like the pages of the book and hypertext is what gives the format to the
paragraphs, images, and references (known as links) to other web pages.

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