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Emergent Literacy Moana Unit

by jacqueline feiss


Information and activities gathered by Jacqueline Feiss
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1. Student Engagement
2. Introduction to a few Emergent Literacy activities in an open ended format.
3. The student should have fun, engage, and not need to "perform".
Information about shared activities for the teacher(s)
Shared Reading is used to introduce emergent readers to reading. In shared reading, the focus is on interaction, as we model language, conversation, and how books “work”. In the process, we help AAC users learn how to engage with books in an enjoyable and more conventional way.
Ideas for shared reading with emergent learners:
-Comment about the story and pictures as you read.
-Ask open-ended questions or pause to invite a comment in return.
-Model key words using AAC.
-Pay attention to the text as well as the pictures. Point to key words in the text while reading, and use your finger to show how you read from left to right.
-Find books with repetition, with topics that are high interest.
Information about shared activities for the teacher(s)
All AAC users benefit from increasing their knowledge of letters and letter sounds. Emergent learners need to develop their knowledge of individual letter names and sounds, and conventional learners need to develop knowledge of syllables, separating words into sounds, and onset and rime.
For more information, see Jane Farrall’s blog posts on teaching and learning the alphabet, and working with letters and sounds.
Ideas for Letter and Sound Awareness:
-Read and write alphabet books
-Vote or make choices with letters - when offering a choice between two options, use Post-It notes with the initial letter of each choice (e.g. “c for cookie or d for donut?”)
-Play with letters in a variety of fonts and forms (puzzles, cookie cutters, magnets, light up drawing boards…)
-Sort pictures or objects according to what sound they start with
-Play “I Spy, something starting with __” (use sound or letter name).
-Identify different length words from the text/activity, and break the words into syllables. Clap and/or count the “beats” or syllables in each word.
-Break words into their sounds. Count the number of sounds in the words.
-Find words that rhyme within the text/activity.
Shared Reading
Read about it
Note: Adults can/should pause the text to make comments along the way.
Character Development
Write about it
I Spy
Note for teacher: Use letter tiles or magnets for this activity. For example;
Adult says: "I spy something starting with... (student picks up the letter s) Skirt. Then write the word skirt on a whiteboard.
Adult says: "Moana is wearing a skirt. It's colorful."
See if you can spy 5 things in each picture.
I spy, something starting with _____________________________.