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The Drop



The Drop
It was September 18, 2021. I was in the kitchen, helping my mom and dad cook dinner. That's when I heard a scream coming from the t.v. I started to drift away in my head, as a memory popped in my head that was called . . . The Drop!!!
The Line
We were at Great Wolf Logde. Known as the inside water park. There were slides that were taller than Mount , Everest. We went on all the slides but  . .. ... . .. ... THE DROP. The slide / The Drop was the Tallest, I think it even reached space and the the scariest, I heard that people that were on it screamed so loud that they made there own ears bleed.
I wasn't ready for it. But I was already halfway in line . Just thinking about it I almost threw-up. There was so much pressure building up on me, of everybody pressuring me telling me to go on the slide even though I didn't want to. All of the sudden the world went black. I couldn't see anything, the sound of people stopped. And all I can here was the screams of the people on the slide. I can suddenly see again, as I hear my cousin screaming while going down The Drop !!! All I could hear was.
Oh No, Are You Ok?
The Tube 
The sound of my cousins scream made me shiver. I finally got out of the zone as the life guard was tapping on my shoulder telling me to go inside. As I look ahead I can see that ''I'M FIRST IN LINE!!!'' What am I doing in the front of the line the line wasn't going that fast was it !?!?!
It's Finally Time !?!?!
I was finally inside, but I say that in a negative way. As I stepped inside the tube the life guard slammed the glass door. As soon as they closed the tube, it felt like there was no air in there. All the pressure in the drop, started to build up on my chest. It felt like there was ten people sitting on my stomach.
The Drop
The speakers in the tube started making heartbeat noises. Dun . . . Dun . . . Dun . . . Dun. And even worse the tube started counting down from 5, like that made it any better. 5...4...3...2...1, GO! "AaHHh!!!" I've lost it! I can't do this anymore. I started banging on the glass, screaming as loud as I can begging to see if the life guard would let me out but instead the life guard Betty, just wasn't having it to day. So while watching me suffer BETTY sent me down. I was screaming 'till my lungs went dry. My face turned blue, I started praying to god, I felt so green that I think I passed out for a second. All of the sudden the cold metal floor started to back up really fast! CLANK! CLANK! I started to hang off just by a couple toes! "AaHHh!!!"

My feet suddenly slipped!

"AaAaHHhHHh!!!" I yelled. I started falling down from 500 ft up! I was falling straight down for what almost seemed like 15 seconds! And the SMACK! I finally hit a solid surface! Then going in a bunch of circles. I felt so dizzy that I needed to throw-up. All of the sudden I started to see light! I could hear My cousin cheering for me! And suprisingly there was a taste. It was the left over pizza from last night, that started coming up in the middle of the of the ride .

"Chaa hwoo!!!" I finally made it !! "Wait why am I fading away!" As I drifted back to reality I could see my mom and dad faces they looked really worried. "Mom, dad i'm okay don't worry.'' I said in a understandable voice.

I realized that you should never ever go to deep into a memory.

Chloe Mulipola, is the author of this book and many others such as, "My dog Attacked me", "The dog Chase, and", and what she is known for, her famous book and her big hit, . . . , The Drop. The drop is the book you just read. The book is a narrative and I think she really showed why and how much she was scared, the has shown that because of all of the ( show don't tell) that she used. I am here right now in room 52, with The Great Chloe Mulipola, and we are here for an interview right now live, to see what she is really like and what she does for a living.

"And action!"

"What do you do for a living?" The reporter asked.

" I actually don't write books for a living. I tell a lot of people that, and they say there really suprised. But I actually make gem bracelets for a living. I'm just really good at writing.