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IEFA and Visual Arts Essential Understandings Connections
Amber Turpin
Essential Understanding 3
• Humor plays an important role in American Indian cultures, there was no “stoic” Indian.
• Tribal oral traditions, ideologies, worldviews, and the principles and values associated with them, are as valid as other such traditions from around the world and should be accorded the same respect and standing.
• Educators should be aware that portions of these principles and values are private and are to be used and understood by certain individuals, groups, or the entire tribe. Tribal culture bearers, experts, and others can assist educators in navigating these situations.
I can use these components in my classroom and relate them to learning about visual art. We can talk about how art and American Indian culture overlaps. I would like to address the differences and similarities between historical and modern AI art. I would specifically like to talk about ledger art for the modern piece.
"For countless years before the arrival of the first Europeans in North America, Plains Indians chronicled their histories in magnificent pictorial styles. Early explorers and fur traders introduced new artistic tools and techniques into the region in the early 1800s, and native artists incorporated these new mediums into their traditional styles of pictographic histories."

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