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Chloe Pasman
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What are adjectives?
a word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it.

Adjectives turn your sentence into a fun and creative way!

Adjectives allow you to verbally express your thoughts and opinions and sue your imagination

Adjectives allow you to make observations and express yourself

Adjectives allow you to describe someone or something

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Adjectives to describe this dog
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Adjectives to describe a playground
Cuddly, small, furry, cute, silly, playful
colorful, big, fun, playful, childish, happy
Adjectives in sentences
On halloween, I saw a big green monster.

Sally's birthday party was super fun.

Kaitlin wore a beautiful dress to dinner.

Ben is an adorable baby.

This restaurant has delicious food.

Jack is a really smart person.

Rachel has dark brown hair.
*Adjectives describe a noun. The words bolded are the adjectives in each sentence. Adjectives adds more details in a sentence and allows us to use our imagination.
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The difference between an adjective and a noun
Noun: A noun is a person, place, or thing
Examples: Harry Styles, house, marker

Adjective: an adjective describes a noun
Examples: pretty, big, red, fancy


Piper's bed is big and comfy

The noun is underlined
the adjective is bolded
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Compound adjectives are compound words that act as adjectives. A compound word is any word that's made up of two or more words, like: Doghouse. Fire truck.

Compound adjectives are usually separated by a hyphen (-)


Joshua came to college today in his brand-new Audi car.
Brand, noun New, adjective, but together, it makes brand-new

Do you have a white-collar job?
White, adjective Collar, noun, but together, it makes white-collar

This glass of water is ice-cold
Ice, noun, Cold, adjective, but together, it makes ice-cold

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