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Money Sign Suede

by Emily Carrasco Vasquez


Jaime Brugada Valdez
BY: Emily Carrasco
Moneysign Suede grew up in Huntington park , California Suede began rapping at the age of 16, dropped his breakthrough song, "Back to the Bag," in 2020.
MoneySign Suede, is Mexican American rapper who amassed millions of streams for his music. He dropped 2 songs at the age of 16 more than 10 million views he got.
Suede has collaborated with many artists such as Bravo The Bagchaser , Ralphy ThePlug , and fenix flexin. He was featured from kodak black during a studio calling him the ''mexican kodak black''.
Before Moneysign suede was incarcerated , Moneysign suede was in a relationship with a girl named Brianna Asia for two years; they were engaged and had plans to start a family of 5.
While showering in Soledad, California, Moneysign Suede was discovered dead in the bathroom after attacked and fatally stabbed by an unknown assailant.