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The new teacher

by Nokubonga Liwani


The New Teacher
At the beginning of the year, the children were longing for the arrival of the new teacher because their teacher from the previous year has retired. On the day of the arrival it was very hot. She came into class and introduce herself. 'Good morning children. How are you today? ' Learners reply: 'Good morning teacher. We are fine thank you and how you teacher?' I am very well thank you.
The teacher introduced herself as Ms Linda from Eastern cape in Mtata village and asked learners to introduce themselves using an icebreaker.
Days passed and the teacher notice that learners in her class do not come to school everyday with related problem.
Then the teacher decided to observe their eating behaviour
1st break
2nd break
After her observations, she planned a lesson about healthy eating habits and their benefits
Food pyramid
Build new cells for our bodies to grow