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The Great Depression

by Luke Hoos


The Great Depression
By, Luke Hoos
What really was The Great Depression?
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People often think..
Well, it was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the 1930s beginning in the United States.
So now that we know what it was. What actually caused The Great Depression?
The 3 main things were International economic crises, Unequal wealth distribution and Continuous reckless spending.
Those 3 causes led to, Black Tuesday...
Black Tuesday - October 29, 1929 - The big stock Market Crash. Panic, fistfights and even people fainting was a result of this. Absolute devastation and as a result $14 billion all gone.
So, what comes as the result of Black Tuesday?
It creates a ripple effect throughout U.S. economy, it does not actually CAUSE the Great Depression, instead it just sets it loose.
Who was the President during The Great Depression?
It was, President Herbert Hoover who was the 31st President of The United States. Before the Market Crash, he did many good thing like increasing Native American protections.