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Empathy at Sara Village School

by Charlotte O'Toole


Empathy Project 2022
Sara Village School,
Saudi Arabia
Empathy at Sara Village School
Empathy is our ability to understand and share someone else’s thoughts feelings and perspectives. It is made up of three important elements: feeling, thinking and acting.

Feeling: when we understand that someone is having thoughts or feelings that may, or may not, be different to something that we have previously experienced.

Thinking: when we are able to use previous knowledge and experiences to gain an insight into how that person may be feeling now.

Acting: when we use our understanding of the other person's thoughts or feelings to help, support or guide that person.

Sara Village School is a small primary school based in Saudi Arabia. We have a very diverse but transient community which means that our student population is regularly changing. We have been working on strengthening and developing the empathy skills of our students in a number of different ways.

We hope you enjoy looking at the incredible work that our students have created over the last few months.
Empathy in Reading at Sara Village School
Displaying empathy is about showing that we have a real understanding of others and their thoughts, feelings and opinions; even if they are different from our own. All of our Sara Village School students have been exploring a number of different story books that have helped to develop our empathetic skills and to ultimately put ourselves in another's shoes! We have had a number of interesting discussions over the past few weeks based around these books and what lessons they can teach us about the way that we treat and look out for others.
Ellie - My favourite book was Elmer. This story is about an elephant who wants to fit in, and he does this by changing his style and skin colour by rolling in berries so that he is the same colour as all the other elephants. Although Elmer felt happy when he was the same, he didn’t really feel like himself, so he was happier when his skin started to return to its normal colourful self. This story has taught me to always be yourself and not to be like anyone else. It has also taught me to support everyone who is different to you because it is kind. 
Fatima - I love ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. This story is about a Giraffe who went to a Jungle Dance. He was a bit nervous about going because he didn’t know how to dance. When he got on the dancefloor he found that all the other animals were brilliant dancers and they laughed at Gerald and his wobbly legs. This made Gerald feel nervous and sad. However, one of his friends encouraged him to carry on dancing to a different tune. All the other animals heard the music and saw Gerald’s fabulous dancing and they loved it. This story has taught me that you should never judge a person until you have walked in their shoes. You should always be kind and friendly to others.