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One and Only Ivan

by Asher Romaine


By: Asher R.
Book by: Katherine Applegate
Hope you enjoy!!
These Characters are amazing by what they do and how they
lead the story into amazing events that you might not see coming.
Ivan has been locked up for 9,855 days according to ''Google'':(
But now he found a better home with other gorillas.
<---- Ivan
When we first start to read this tremendous story we would see Ivan in the cage with other animals in there with him there was a beautiful and wise elephant named Stella and a stray dog named Bob he was well, dramatic and sometimes quite a gentleman. When we start getting into the middle of the story we will see Stella's leg is injured and sadly died, and they decided to get a new animal for the show named Ruby she is a small and curious little thing and when it was her first time on stage she was afraid but Ivan got her to do it and soon she was the new head of the show, and one night Ivan wanted to see the wild he only saw it when he was very young he could not think of anything else except when Ivan never seen his dad again, the hunters tried to hunt the gorillas and Ivan, his dad carried him up a tree then his dad ran to the hunters trying to protect the other gorillas but... BOOM, that is when he never seen his dad again, when he woke up Julia was there with the papers and some crayons he started to draw, and draw, and draw. There were little pieces to make something big he tried to put them together but his cage was too small, so in the cracks in his cage he put them in a pile and Julia came back with her dad George, and Julia was doing all the work, and she said this "it spells something but we need to figure it out and we will finally will know what Ivan want's''. Then after a few thousand times they got it, it spell's ''HOME''.
My opinion of this book is tremendous of how the adventure, and the joy goes up each page making kids and adults want to read this book again, and its great of its characters doing big things in this story and this book's adventure never goes down, and so this might be my favorite book. :)
This book kind of tell's why all these animals are all in their cages trapped when they could be free in their home.
My favorite part in this story is that Ivan is with other gorilla's and Ruby is with elephant's.
I showed emotion of sadness when Stella passed away right when the story started and I was upset from that.