Book Creator

All About Me

by Sarah Torello


All About Ms. Torello!
All About Me, Ms. Torello!
Inside you will find:
Fun facts
My likes and dislikes
And more!
Hi class! We will be creating books about ourselves as a way to introduce ourselves to our classmates.

Your book must include:
-At least 3 pages
-A fun fact about yourself
-Something you like and dislike
-Where you were born
-At least 3 images
Flip through the pages to see my example!
I was born in Des Plaines, IL on November 6th, 2002!
I lived with my Grandparents in Des Plaines until I was 4. I remember playing at the park a lot here!
A fun fact about me is that I have family in Italy and Poland!
I like sushi, hanging out with friends, and bike rides!
I dislike being late, cloudy days, and winter.