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Choosing and Citing Sources

by Andrea Lozano


Life After Conquering Credible Sources and Fake News: Citations, citations!
A research tale told in Bitmoji
Let's Review! Up to this point, you have successfully done the following:
You have been able to tell the difference between what is
real and fake on the news and social media.
You have been able to identify credible sources that you can
use during your research.
By now, you should already have compiled a list of websites that are trustworthy and can be relied upon for the most accurate and up-to-date on wherever your research topics might take you. These sites include the following:
Brittanica Online
Scholastic GO!
National Geographic Kids
Google Scholar
Gale In Context: Elementary
Keep in mind, that a few of these databases required paid subscriptions. Why not conduct the bulk of your research at your school or public library, where these paid databases are free?
Mission: After visiting the planetarium during an Astronomy unit, your Science teacher tasks you with the following research project:

A complete history of alien abductions. What do they want from us!?
You've found your cozy spot in a corner of the library, you have your alien assignment laid out in front of you, and you've located a credible database to conduct your research. You begin clicking away at the keys and hit ENTER....and VOILA! THE perfect article that details every alien abduction account recorded in the past 100 years pulls up right away! You are giddy with excitement over your good fortune!