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ProfIL: Demokratietag (Netzwerke GW & Fremdsprachen)

by SB


Ankommen - eine neue Heimat finden
Arriving in Germany - finding a new home
-ein Projekt der Netzwerke GW & Fremdsprachen-
Auf den folgenden Seiten stellen wir Schüler*innen der Eichenlaubschule Weiskirchen vor, die ihren Mitschüler*innen von sich, ihren Lebenswegen und ihren Migrationserfahrungen berichteten.
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Migration Richtung Deutschland
(Migration to Germany):

- Zaid from Syria
- Asena & Alex from Ukraine
- Razvan from Romania
- Leani (Leani‘s mother from Indonesia)
- Adrijan from Kosovo
- Tasnim from Syria
- Lisanny from the Dominican Republic

Migration nach Deutschland und zurück nach Kanada (Migraton to Germany and back to Canada):

- Matteo (from Vancouver to Germany and back, then to Newfoundland)
Zaid from Syria
Reason for the escape?
The reason is that it’s war in Syria.
So they went to Turkey and after this to Greece then to Hungary and after all they came to Germany. Originally they wanted to got to Sweden because they have already known some people there.
No return to Syria because of the war
2 months after the escape
On the Way
He went by bus, by car, by boat and on foot to Germany.
He was with his father.