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The Beck Buzz - Spring Issue 2024

by Lauren Rinehart


About this publication
Ran by the students of Beck Middle School, our paper aims to inform you of current events, the latest pop culture, sports news, and more!
The Need For Repair:
The Bond, Conditions Of The School & Potential Improvements
By Lauren Rinehart, Grade 8
If one were to enter Beck Middle School, one may expect to see new technology, high-quality flooring, and freshly painted walls. After all, in a school of about 850 students, wouldn’t the facilities have to be top-tier? Unfortunately, the sight that awaits them can often be underwhelming. Many rooms within the school lack efficient heating/air conditioning & have peeling paint. Classrooms experience faulty lighting & the locker rooms and bathrooms tend to be immensely malodorous. These qualities can make the school unenjoyable.

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When it comes to the conditions of our facilities, opinions can be varied. A survey was conducted, determining the opinions of students and staff alike when it comes to the quality of our school. Some find the cafeteria satisfactory, while others cannot stand the disgusting locker rooms. Most of the student body find the bathrooms utterly repulsive, while on the other hand, a small percentage note that they are not so bad. 
However, despite these differences in views, one common theme is noticed: Beck students and staff want improvements to be made!
Beck Middle School was built in the late 1960s. At the time, it was up-to-date, with the latest quality machinery, classroom equipment, and technology. However, as time has progressed, much of the school has fallen into disrepair. Additionally, many of the courses and materials needed for these classes have become obsolete, such as the ovens in some of the Team 3 classrooms, previously used for Home Ec.