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Lazarus Lizards in Cincinnati

by Jared Ceaser

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Lazurus Lizards in Cincinnati
Written by Jared Ceaser
The History of Lazarus Lizards in Cincinnati
In the Early 1950's a young boy named George Rau was vacationing with his family in Italy. He witnessed small lizards climbing over rocks at Lake Garda. George like the lizards so much, that he put 10 of them into his socks, and tucked them away into his suitcase. When he arrived home he released the lizards into his garden at his house in Hyde Park.
What Little George did not know was that the lizards would thrive in their new home. The lizards soon started to reproduce. George was the stepson of Fred Lazarus whose family was the owner of the Lazarus Department Stores. Today most people see these lizards as just regular lizards, but here in Cincinnati many people know them as Lazarus Lizards.

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