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Transitioning from SEA to Form One

by Ministry of Education



Transitioning from
SEA to Form One: 
Tips for Students and Parents
Hooray! You did it!
Students, you have just crossed a significant milestone in your lives. Hooray!
You may have many questions and concerns as you prepare for entry into secondary school. We are here to help make the transition an easy one for you and your parents.
Here are some tips!
Transition Tips for Students:
Dealing with Results
1. Breathe.

2. Have positive experiences at your new school.

3. Look for opportunities.

4. Speak to someone you trust about the school placement.

5. Remind yourself of your long-term goals, such as getting a good education and having a career that suits you. Tell yourself that your new school will help you achieve these goals.
Transition Tips for Parents:
Dealing with Results
1. Breathe.

2. Tell your child that you are proud of the results.

3. Help your child think about career goals and explain how these goals can be achieved.

4. Let your child know that it is okay to be sad or disappointed.

5. Tell your child you love him/her before and after the results.

6. Each child is unique.
Transition Tips for Parents:
From SEA to Secondary School
1. Encourage open communication.

Talk openly with your child about what they can expect and what is expected of them at secondary school. Allow them to express how they feel. Listen to them.
Transition Tips for Parents:
From SEA to Secondary School
2. Reassure and encourage your child.

It is normal for your child to feel anxious about transition. Use positive phrases. Instead of, 'if you don't figure this out, you will fail', say, 'I know you can do this'. In this way, you help build their confidence.