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by L I N D A


By Linda, Annamaria, Viola, Luisa and Cristina
traditional food
Masala dosa
Arguably South India’s most renowned culinary export, masala dosas are famous the world over. A sort of Indian pancake, dosas are made from a thin batter consisting of rice, flour and lentils.
chaat is one of India’s most delicious savoury snacks. The name derives from three Hindi words meaning ‘a delicacy,’ ‘licking one’s fingers’ and ‘to devour with relish’ and this dish truly does live up to its heritage. 
Dal makhani
Dal is the Hindi word for lentils, and this soup-like delicacy is made by stewing small black lentils for hours on end. Whilst there are many different varieties of this lentil dish, dal makhani is in a league of its own.
Hinduism is a religion, or rather a set of religious beliefs, among the most widespread in the world and among those with the most ancient origins;
Mohandas Gandhi was one of the greatest men in modern history. Gandhi was born in India in 1869.
As a young man he went to London to study law, then went to live in south Africa. 
He become a leader of the indian community and organized protest against injust laws. He was a pacifist and his methods of protest were completely non-violent.
The police used violence to stop demostration and Gandhi was put in prizon.
His philosophy of non-violence became famous all over the world.
India becsme an indipendent country in 1947. 
Gandhi was assassinated by an inian religious fanatic.
Holy Festival
Holi is the ancient Hindu festival of colours and love. It is celebrated in India and Nepal and many parts of South Asia. There are lots of Holi celebrations in the UK, organised by the large British-Hindu community. Recently, Holi has also inspired non-religious celebrations in Europe and North America, and its popularity is growing.