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The Migration

by Trang Linh (Linh) Vu


The migration
By:Trang Linh
Hi, my name is Lily, and this is my dad and I's story.

We grew up in a small town in the poor side of Mexico, but it didn’t stop us from having fun. I always wait for my dad at a taco stand to finish his shift. The taco stand was next to a salon, and sometimes Pompom our dog would even go in there for a free fur trim. Every single night I have to cover up our roof again and again. It keeps falling off, every single time it falls off I have to adjust it to fit again. It was so hot like I could melt, I feel like I’m boiling in my own sweat, but then THE GREATEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN MY LIFE WAS WE GOT A SMALL FAN.I use it day and night, it felt like heaven when the wind blows on my wet soggy soak in sweat hair. I charged it day and night to make sure it didn’t run out.
As I was holding my fan and Pompom on my lap waiting at my dad's job at the taco stand, Pompom suddenly got the urge to run off, then I ran off to chase Pompom, and as a man who always worries for his children, my dad was chasing after me. We kept chasing until we couldn’t find Pompom anymore, I felt hopeless, sad, and unmotivated. Me and my dad returned to the taco stand just to find out my dad was fired. The grumpy old man who owns the taco stand ran to dad and yelled WHY DIDN’T YOU SERVE THE PEOPLE A WHOLE LINE LONG AS A RIVER WAS AT OUR TACO STAND. I felt sad and thought it was all my fault that I ran off to chase Pompom, but dad whispered, ``it's fine, we will get out of this mess together. I’m at home all alone making posters out of a wet piece of brick and soft cardboard layers, I rip out of a cola box in the trash bin. Dad went to find a job at 5 am till 12 pm,
but nobody ever wanted to hire him after they heard about why he was fired. Months have passed,I could only eat 1 meal a day. I stared at my rice, corn, and bean soup, and slowly a sea was leaking from my eyes. I cried and cried and felt like if I didn’t chase after the Pompom he wouldn’t be here. Dad always told me that we will get out of this but I don’t see the bright rainbow to our black clouds. I went to sleep on our cardboard bed but dad didn’t, I felt so tired that I couldn’t even tell him to rest. In the morning I saw a whole plan on a big piece of cardboard. I couldn’t read every word because I don’t go to school but I can read the words go, travel, and California.
 I SHOUTED ARE WE GOING TO CALIFORNIA? Dad said yes but the thing is we have to go there by walking. I don’t even think it is even possible to even walk to California, but we do need a job and a safe home. In the morning dad woke me up with a big WOOHOO Lily you and I got a free boat ride to California, in Spanish. While I was packing the boat driver made us hurry up so I couldn’t pack everything with me, but atleast I packed pants, t-shirt, and a can of pinto beans. It was enough to last a week I guess. Me and my dad headed down the long staircase of the old creaky apartment, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I will miss Mexico, but it is time to move on. We ran through sketchy alleyways, and finally, we got to the boat. It smells fishy but it is a fishing boat so what would it smell like?
 As I stepped on the boat it felt a little unsafe but it was a lot better than walking so I didn't mind. I am scared but anything is better than living with a house that could fall on you. On the way across the sea all I could think about was how much Pompom means to me,but in life we gotta move on. Sometimes the waves get big and make the boat shake but it is not a big big deal