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The Curse of the Gods

by Yumiaco, Raphael-Lucas


The Curse of the Gods
Chapter I: Revenge
Silence, it was a fatal thing. Not knowing what would happen next was deadly and mortal. Here on The Prison Andromeda, everything was silent. Having been banished from Olympia (where the gods dwell) I now sulk here to waste, with nothing else but a mind of revenge and a desire to rule. Why did they banish me? Well, it all started when I was made from the Cyclopes, the Cosmic Blade. The other gods knew and despised my power, and when they looked upon a glimpse of my future, and the power of the Blade, they made a vote to exile me to Andromeda. Havng been rotting here for 9000 years, I finally have a plan of escape. I called upon the full power of gravity (which I am the god of) and channelized it straight into the prison. With a power overload, I teared down what was once known as The Prison Andromeda. After a millennium (1000 years) of tracking down this Earth, I have reached my moment to have my revenge… 
Chapter II: Reckoning 
Looking upon the Earth that I once spent my time on, I at once knew that it had changed. With its many castles and villages, these humans were high (though not as high as gods) in intelligence. I went on my way to the Oracle of Delphi. After reaching the Oracle, I there met my first foe, Python, guardian of the Delphic Oracle. It was intense, even for a god like me, he thrust out his poisonous fangs and just barely missed my head. So, I increased my power and kept him in a gravitational choke hold. Python hissed, “I know you from afar, god of gravity, I am here not merely to guard, but to find my dessstiny.” I understood him, so after choosing to release him I said, “well then, snake, would you be my captain of my army. Python replied while hissing, “Why it would be an honor, my king…”  
Chapter III: Demise 
We continued down the sacred path of the Sun god, Hyperion, to Silenus, a village worthy of Oberon. As we approached, we came across the drunken village centurion. He called out, “Traveler! Stop before my legion smites you with their energy spears!” In response I grabbed the sharpened scepter of the centurion and vaporized them from existence. Python’s eyes widened as they were gone from the spot. Entering the gates of Silenus, Python and I destroyed all, but one creature kept in captivity, the Chimera. He was defeated by Bellerophon, a Greek hero. But he was revived from Tartarus (horrible place). With the Chimera, I had a bigger chance of redemption. We went on to Maximus, a truly idiotic place full of gold and luxury, (much like my brother Serenity’s head), so what better thing to do than to destroy it? With a rampaging urge for destruction, we reduced Maximus to nothing. People screamed and ran, herds and flocks of animals fled. For now, I see that my power has returned! Beware Skypea! Your demise is approaching! 
Chapter IV: Glory 
With allies from around the land, I see my revenge to succeed in glory! Python whispered, “My king... Isss it worth all the trouble to destroy all?" I replied, “Why Python, enemy of Hyperion, of all people, would you question my power? I RULE THE COSMOS!” Python was startled as a fly when attacked, for he said, “Apocalypse, why do you seem so revengeful?” I was moved by that question, since even I, god of gravity did not know. I was not the evil type back then, I kept the world alive, and yet here I am destroying it. Even after eons, that question remained with me. It made me hesitate before throwing a meteor again, and to keep me to still keep this world intact, even after what the world did to me. After all the trouble, every bad thing that happens, that question will always stay with me. 
Chapter V: Promise 
Python, Chimera, and I marched into Veritus, me silently promising not to destroy this peaceful village. We instead came across the Colchian Dragon, who was guarding the Golden Fleece, which the hero Jason gave to this village. We managed to convince him, telling him that on Skypea were trees of glory. Python said, “Yesss, that’s true.” Chimera roared in agreement. I, however “borrowed” the Golden Fleece, for reasonable purposes, of course. I, for one wanted another prize, the Cosmic Blade, which stayed and never left King Stratus’ mystic crystal. I knew every location of every armory and barrack from what the Oracle said. Moving forward, all that I could think of was the power I would receive with the Blade than this scepter (which I named Aether). The Cosmic Blade was more powerful than all the gods combined. Probably more, but there is only one weakness, power overload, which probably will never happen.