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Rudolph is Missing

by Melanie


Rudolph Goes Missing
By: Melanie. D
Stomp, stomp, stomp, Santa's footsteps echoed in the alley by the reindeer's stable. Then, he was giving his reindeer apples, but then there was one apple left. Santa counted his reindeer Rudolph is missing!!! Santa called the best helper Snowflake the Penguin Santa told her the problem. Snowflake was surprised he went missing because Rudolph usually sleeps or reads. Snowflake said, "This is horrible I hope we will find him soon." Where could Rudolph be?"
Santa sent Snowflake to looking for Rudolph. First Snowflake saw a blinking red light by the, Family Dinner, she yelled, "Rudolph!! Is that you Then the light was getting brighter, brighter and brighter. Then it was blinking. "Huh?" said Snowflake. She ran to the light. Snowflake wondered if it was Rudolph. No!! It was just a blinking red light in a tree in the the diner. Where could Rudolph be?
Next, Snowflake saw a red object in the distance. She wondered if that was Rudolph? But, it was so far in the field Snowflake was running in the field, Then, Snowflake got closer and closer. It was as red as an apple. Then she was closer. It was so red. He was sure it was Rudolph. When Snowflake made it to the red object. It was just a red gum drop on a snowman. Where could Rudolph be?
Snowflake was upset that Santa may be disappointed with her. Then, she saw a red object under the snow close by. Snowflake was getting closer to the red object. But, when she got to the object, it was so bright Snowflake thought it was Rudolph. Then she was digging and digging then she saw it was just a red light under the snow. Where could Rudolph be?
Lastly, Snowflake sat down by the chicken coop. Snowflake was worried she would not find Rudolph. Then, Snowflake began to cry. Snowflake heard something in the chicken coop. Snowflake walked in the chicken coop Snowflake could not believe her eyes "Rudolph I finally find you!!!! You and Santa have some talking to do," exclaimed Snowflake.