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Sustainable structures

by Prisha Damani


Sustainable structures and earthquake proof buildings
By: Prisha, Samaira
What is an earthquake proof structure?
An earthquake proof structure is usually made out of sand, gravel, fabric, foam, concrete, metal & lumber.
Earthquake proof structures are mostly found in Japan because Japan has a lot of earthquakes.
Features of an earthquake proof structure
The people in Japan don’t use strong materials because in case there is an earthquake the things that were used to build the structure won’t harm the people living in the house.
Sustainable structures
Sustainable structures are made out of recyclable and renewable materials. One example of a sustainable structure is Gardens by the bay because it uses sustainable features like solar energy.
Features of sustainable structures
Some features of sustainable structures are, energy efficiency, stormwater management, water efficiency, renewable energy generation & superior indoor environment these are what make a structure sustainable.
Types of sustainable structures
Some types of sustainable structures are, Gardens By The Bay, Oasia hotel etc sustainable. Structures are very helpful to the environment.