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My Plurilingual Journey, 3E IC Carminati

by Marika Cuppari


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Plurilingual Journey
IC Carminati
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Hi, I’m Samuele Nizzoli and I’m 13 years old so I’m in the eighth grade class. I’m from Italy, Milan quindi so parlare italiano molto bene. But Italian isn’t the only languages that I know in fact I can speak English very well.
I learn how to speak English at school but to improve in 2018 I went to a college in Malta at La Valletta. When I was in Malta I took my first certification in this languge. I went to Malta with my Italian classmates and my English teacher, she is really nice and smart.
I speak English when I talk with my American cousins or when I play videogames. I try to teach English to my grandma but she’s not really good and she prefers speak dialect. The English languages is really important to my future because I would like to become an American psicologist. 
Mais je parle aussi français, en fait j'étudie au collège. Je me suis beaucoup amélioré dans cette langue en regardant des films et en voyageant, en fait ma destination préférée est paris. Quand j'étais à Paris l'année dernière, j'ai visité la Tour Eiffel et le Louvre, j'adore l'art. 
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I love cooking and I do it for 2 years, some of my best dishes are the pies, the octopus and the pigeons. 
At the beginning I always cooked gnocchi with my grandma and seeing that I liked it I signed up for a cooking class.

Pero también hablo español y lo he estado estudiando durante dos años y medio, mi profesora de español es igual que la de inglés. Pero, debido a Covid, me veo obligado a estudiar español en una videolección. Prefiero ir a la escuela. 
My school is great, it's very big and the people in it are great. Teachers are very smart and my classmates are very smart so we help each other improve. The majority of languages I know I have studied in school but on my own I like to learn new languages like Chinese but wo bushi en hao.

Another passion is that for animals in fact in my house I have two dogs, a cat and a small farm. my two dogs are called volter and byron while my cat fru-fru. At my grandfather’s I have horses, chickens, donkeys and goats.
My favorite holiday is Christmas because my family and I go to visit our grandparents and we all eat together. Typical Christmas dishes are panettone, lasagna and chicken.
I play football, I am a goalkeeper and my favorite player is De Gea. One day I hope to become like him.