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Great Britain

by Ірина Гук


Great Britain
Interesting facts about Great Britain:
^Red double-decker buses plying the streets of London have long become a symbol of the capital of Great Britain. Initially, the second floor was open in buses, but in 1925 the authorities imposed a ban on the operation of such vehicles.
^Tower Bridge is one of the most touristic places in Great Britain. It offers a beautiful view of the city, and its construction continued for 8 years
Victoria and Albert Museum in London
The list of the best museums in England is headed by this museum, which was founded in 1852. The Victoria and Albert Museum is a museum of architectural and decorative arts named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It is one of the few buildings in Kensington that emphasizes the couple's love and patronage of the arts and sciences. It was part of the area known as "Albertopolis", named after the prince. The museum continues to display great works of architecture from the past and present. It, like other national museums, is free to visit. Initially, the exhibition was called "Manufactories Museum". It was not static: the exhibition constantly changed places and moved. The construction of the museum that we see now began only in 1899. At the moment, the number of exhibition objects is 6.5 million exhibits. They are completely heterogeneous and represent hand-made products of contemporaries and the first manufactories: furniture, books, photographs, sculptures, glass and metal products, textiles, accessories and jewelry, etc.
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