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Christmas week

by eve saunders


Nuacht Gaelscoil an Bhaile Nás
Rang a 6 2022.
Every week 2 sixth class students collect information and interview people in our school community . They then add to this news letter. Our news letter is proudly produced by our fantastic sixth class journalists.
Santa is coming!
This week we met Santa! 
He came to speak to us all and ask us what we wished for, for Christmas! He met everyone in the school and told us that principal Heart was giving him information on who was on the naughty and nice list!!! Be careful and be good , you don’t want a bag of coal for Christmas!! 
Santa is coming!
This week we interviewed our first class friend Lisa who owns a real life reindeer! She told us her reindeers name is Martin and that every December he disappears. She told us that he disappears because he is secretly one of Santa’s reindeer and he goes home to help Santa deliver presents every Christmas. here's a picture of him!!
pictures : from pixabay , royalty free ,

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