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Bee Bots

by Ellen O Connor


All About Bee bots!
Bee Bots are rechargeable floor robots for child care and early years.
Bee Bots are perfect for teaching control, directional language and programming.
Bee Bots have arrows on them to allow them to move in different directions; forwards, backwards, right and left
They also have a 'go' and 'pause' button to allow it to go and stop and a 'clear' button to erase the previous sequence.
We used this map to direct the Bee Bot.
This activity would be ideal for the classroom as the children get the chance to use the map to learn different directions as well learning the different farm animals. You could also bring creative writing into the lesson and write a short story about the journey the Bee Bot has taken.
The children also get the opportunity to practice maths with adding and subtracting
Here are some videos to show how the Bee Bots move in different directions.
The End