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Terrible Secret


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Miss. Jane's secret
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Chapter 1. Back to school
The buses started to arrive. Ashley and Sebastian were delighted with the school, which in their opinion was similar to Hogwarts. And as soon as the noise of the students about the appearance of this place began, their happy screaming was stopped by the director Mrs. Jane Tilburg.
-I am glad to welcome you future geniuses,- said she.
-Our school is glad to see such a large number of students this semester and I hope you will get the necessary knowledge to further represent out school in the best light.
But she was nervous while giving a speech, two of the students thought at once and looked at each other. On the way to their rooms, the students heard a kind of crunch from the ceiling, which seemed very strange to them. 
-Where's the headmistress?,- Sebastian asked. 
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-Where could she have disappeared so quickly?,- Ashley replied in surprise. 
- That is what we have to figure out as soon as possible. It seems she is hiding something from us...
Finally, they went to the rooms to settle down.
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A month later in the library. 
- Did you find anything interesting? 
- No, Sebastian. All you're doing is interfering me, but there is nothing about the past of the school, as well as the headmistress. 
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- Hey, I found stories for children that are about different creatures in the forest, in which the school is located. 
-What a nonsense. That is why these stories are for children,- Ashley said with a sneer.
In the director’s room
The students decided to get into the headmistress' room and found a strange key, which apparently was not suitable for the doors at school. And as soon as they found it, the director came into the room.
- What are you doing here. You wanted to talk with me?
- Aaah, we are... hmm
- While walking around the school, we saw your office and decided to look in,- Ashley quickly responded.
- That's how…
And at that moment, Ashley, suddenly, knocked against a bookcase, from where one book felt down. As soon as she wanted to put it back, the shelf moved and a door opened, where the key fit.
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- You're hiding something from the whole school, so we proved it,- Sebastian shouted.
- We demand an explanation. We know that you are acting suspiciously.
- Well, since you suspected everything, I have to tell you the truth.
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After taking the children into this room, she showed them a colored ball in the middle of the room as well as a hologram of the forest and the school. The students were astonished.
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- All I want is to protect the school...,- before the headmistress could say, Ashley interrupted her. 
- How can you protect us if you look like a witch who keeps the whole forest under a spell?
- So, with this ball I can easily protect the school from the creatures that live in the forest.
- Those ones from the children's book?,- Sebastian asked.
- Exactly.
-Ohhh, Sebastian, we completely forgot about the upcoming tests...
- We must to work hard to get good scores then. Hurry up Ashley, we need to start preparing right now.
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Finally, all the exams are over and the students are ready to say "Good bye" and go downstairs to their buses for the Christmas holidays.
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But not all the secrets of the walls of the school have yet been revealed. They are going to face a lot of mysteries and meet new friends in their future adventures...