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Evaluation of Loom

by Brittany Honeycutt


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Evaluation of the technology and its applications
By Brittany Honeycutt
EDDL 7300 Foundations of Digital Age Teaching and Learning
Chapter 1: Introducing Loom
With the ever growing list of apps and tech tools being made available to the public, it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it can also be difficult to locate a tool that can do the many things you need it to do. It can also be easy to get stuck on the one or two apps. you are comfortable using already. This is arguably one of the reasons Zoom is still very popular and consistently used. The creators of Loom wanted to expand on that and offer another tool that might be more useful or even used in lieu of some of the other applications available. The embed video gives a quick introduction to the program and some of its uses in terms of organizations that might give it a try.

One of the first things Loom boasts on their website when you first click the link is that loom is an efficient tool to cut back on some of the unnecessary or not as important meetings that can often come about when a company or organization needs to get information out and fast. The go to is usually to call a meeting but Loom offers a second option that gets the information out there while still being somewhat personal.
Chapter 2: User Experience
How does it compare?
According to, a place where users can rate technology apps and leave comments on how the application faired, Loom scored a 9.1 out 10 score. Some of the comments and 'pros' of the app left by users included, "They're constantly improving the app, adding features and fixing bugs." Other comments included fair pricing the basic version is free which was a huge positive mention for users who only need the basics of the application, this is also great for teachers and students who often do not have the means or resources to purchase subscriptions. It is a very organized app with the ability to not only create your videos with screen sharing and your face and voice but also maintains a folder system that is easy to use and helpful in organizing different videos whether they are for different classes, different assignments, or on the business side videos for clients versus videos for team members. The information from Trustradius was based on over a 120 reviews of the application, but that is not the only site where Loom has been reviewed.
From a more educational standpoint, Loom is also reviewed on and on a list of the 10 apps that make teaching remotely possible, Loom comes in at number nine. The review states, " With loom, you can record your screen and yourself and distribute the link within your class. It's an excellent tool for recording lesson slides and voice lectures."
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Chapter 3: The Learning Experience
One of the biggest things that have come about with all the remote learning that has been going on over the last few years is a lack of engagement and a worry that the gap between where students are and where they should be growing. The idea behind a useful tech tool is one that helps to address these issues, one of the biggest things I see with Zoom is while things like screen share is offered there is no guarantee on student turn out and participation. How Loom addresses this is by making a recording that is both personal and can include slides with the option for interactive real time comments and emotes, which students love to use particularly those in middle and secondary schools. This program also allows for an educator to make multiple recording of one lesson if their is a case of needing to individualize learning for students with IEPs or 504s. It is also easy for teachers to follow up on if a student is actually watching and participating as needed because it gives educators not only the ability to see who watched the video but how long they watched and monitor CTA (calls-to-action or interactive relevant resources) performance.