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Integratory Project

by Perla Gisel Pérez Irene


Integratory Project.
School Normal of Specialization "Dr. Roberto Solis Quiroga".
Teacher Pérez Irene Perla Gisel
Description of the School Secundary and
School Secundary General No. 91 Republic of Perú is located in Mexico City at Alcadia Magdalena Contreras.

The phone number of located is 55 5595 0798 and it is email dress is

Marcos Ortega is subdirector of the school and teacher Alan Cervantes is of UDEEI

The School is cold and warmy and the rooms is color white
Jose is 14 years old is student of secundary, he is hoodie color blue and heair is brown.

The piano is behind of Jose

Jose is on the chair

Your nationality is Mexican

Jose is serius

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