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Lake Plains Region of Ohio

by Samantha Rothgeb


Lake Plains
Region of ohio
by Samantha Rothgeb
Physical Features /Landforms
In the region Lake Plans in Ohio there are alot of physical features. For example there are a lot of trees in this region. There is a area called the black swamp. This area used to be very wet and muddy like a swamp. The climate in Lake plains is usually warm. This region is also flat so it is called flat plain. This region is a flat plain, and there are some rivers in this region too. For example maumer river is in this region.
In the Lake Plains region of Ohio there is a lot of farming. For example theres alot of crops there. Like corn and theres alot of wheat they also. They also farm tomatoers there to. The Lake Plans also have peaches there grapes grow there also.
In the region Lake Plans in Ohio there are citys and jobs. For example the city Toledo is there and Toledo is a very mager city. There are some torest atration there to. Like rolercosters there are rolercosters in this region. Lake Eire is very near Lake Plans to.
Natural Resources
In the region Lake Plans there are many natural resources. For example there is rich soil in this region for farming. lakes are in this region to. For example Maume river is in this region. Eagles and hawks live there aswell. Oak trees grow there. Falcans live in the Lake Plans and you can see birds magrating to.
Interesting Facts
The region Lake Plans in Ohio there is many interesting facts. For example there is clay in this region and Lake Plans is also the nother part of Ohio. The Lake Plans is a very mager part of Ohio.