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Best of Jayden! Part 5

by Jayden Madhere


Best of Jayden! Part 5
Jayden's Life
Written By: Jayden Madhere
Illustrated By: Jayden Humble & Jayden Ramos-Muniz
Narrated By: Benjamin Smith, Yasamy Rosas Gonzalez & Chantal Rodriguez
Performed By: Charles Daniels, Gage Janko, Ed Jules & John Juan-Matias
Recorded By: Ronald Willis, Melany Ramos-Benitez & Ryan Brinser
On May 12, 2004, Jayden was having an awesome day at Legacy Vacation Resorts. Melany can't wait to welcome Jayden. Benjamin's nickname is Ben. Cedric and Tory told Yasamy, Emma, Ryan, Charles and Isabella to make friends.
"It will be fun, but I've got something fun to share with you today!" said Yasamy. Cedric realized that Caden is here.
"All our cell phones are charged up!" said Jayden. Caden and Cadence are nephews.
To be attentive, Jayden wants to be a boy, whether he has a sibling or not. He never stops making friends.
"Billy Bear," said Dylan. "Are you sure that's good enough?"
"Oh my goodness, I think my answer is yes," said Billy Bear.
"We could never stop making friends, but I didn't want to miss you," said Jayden. "Me neither," said Benjamin.
"I would like you, but I could still talk about another student," said Charles. "God thinks I'm in charge of not breaking the glass from that window," said Jayden. "I agree, but the Americans want government solutions that reflect their values and priorities—education, work, and family, but especially work," said Isabella.
Jayden, Dylan, Billy Bear, Benjamin, Isabella, Cadence, Charles, Melany, Yasamy and Tory couldn't believe that they were making friends. "I'm not an American," said Jayden. Daniel came in. His last name is Davis.
"Daniel," said Dylan. "Ryan did not like you laughing at his belly." "I don't like it either, but it was neither a stomach nor a belly," said Benjamin.
"RAR!" roared Billy Bear. "Oh my gosh!" said Jayden. "Jasen is my friend? He hasn't been gone for ages!"
"It will be fun, isn't it?" said Jasen. "Yup, we're making friends," said Jayden. "Jayden," said Benjamin. "You need to find your room. Can you spot one?"
"There it is!" said Jayden. "My room is spotted!" he continued, happily. Jayden is neither obeyed, nor shall be nice to Benjamin and the other students. Andy came in.
"Andy," said Melany. "Sherlianys came into that apartment, too." "What's the apartment?" asked Jasen. "631," said Sherlianys. Jayden always likes being last if he was called.
It is 1 pm. "I'm not a way maker, but everyone else like adults could be a way maker," said Jayden. Igor came in. "Jayden," said Igor. "You and your friends are helping you make friends, so you can have your friend list!" "It is not nice to turn away and ignore me," said Charles. "Oh no! Turning away or getting an F on my report card will make me cry!" cried Jayden. He doesn't like it.
"Tory," said Austin. "You had a nephew, but it is neither awesome nor spectacular to Charles."
"I'm better, but I'm better than Jayden," said Charles. Jayden, Cadence, Ryan, Charles and Isabella were trying to be well-behaved. "A vinegar is not for cooking, but it is a type of acid," said Cadence. "Daniel," said Jayden. "Can I go to middle school now?" "Sorry, Jayden! You are too young to go to middle school this morning, because you failed 7th grade. You have to start over from preschool," said Isabella. "Neither a bee nor a bear were looking for honey, but children never touch the honey," said Cadence. Yasamy, Dexter, Benjamin, Charles and Daniel were not happy about their thoughts via an idea. "Tory," said Daniel. "I'd never seen you in 20 weeks."
Jayden is so happy to see a friend. Yazmin Lopez and Michael Ludwig said, "We're here! We've been gone for 49 weeks." "That's not it," said Benjamin. "Daniel will never see Charles until 2011."
Charles wants to know that he took more than 5 notes on his notebook. Yuri came in. She wants to make friends with Daniel. "Daniel," said Yuri. "Jayden hasn't had a friend yet." "Will Charles be Jayden's best friend?" asked Michael. "Yes!" Jayden answered. To Igor, he couldn't ignore other students like Charles does.