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Jayden and his 14th Anniversary

by Jayden Madhere


Jayden and his 14th Anniversary
Written By: Jayden Madhere
Illustrated By: Melany Ramos-Benitez & Jayden Humble
Narrated By: Benjamin Smith
Performed By: Charles Daniels
On July 7, 2004, Jayden must've been trying to make up deals to find a friend.
Benjamin tells Charles Daniels and Jayden Madhere to be here on time in Jayden's house.
First, Jayden is on his best behavior. And then, he decided to meet his first friend when he came to school this morning.
"Oh my goodness, that's a lot of students," said Jayden.
"I know," said Noah Cummings.
Cadence Morton is here because she will date the other girls.
Jayden started to make up decisions. He needs a friend like anyone else's.
"Thank goodness," said Jasen. "Jayden thinks he's my friend."
"Yes," said Jayden. "You are my friend, so does Charles."
Charles, Jasen and Jayden are good friends.
Melany and Cadence are always looking to break a story.
"You are neither a son nor a daughter," said Jayden.
Cadence never learned what is going on in the future.
"We are waiting for my new friends, but they came out of nowhere!" said Jayden.
When Jayden has a friend, he's going to tell them what to do. "Telling people what to do is my favorite thing to do in the whole world," said Jayden.
"I know," said Charles. "If you excuse me, I am going to do my hair," he continued.
Ryan, Melany, Cadence, Charles, Jasen and Jayden are good friends.
"Oh no!" cried Benjamin. "Is Jayden officially my friend?"
"Yes," said Melany.
On October 20, 2005, Jayden and his friends are willing to make friends.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk, no one has ever made up a story just like we are," said Cadence.
Jayden never had a friend before.
"Excuse me, Charles," said Jayden. "You are not caught by your parents at 3 in the morning."
"I know," said Charles. "I'm never caught, but how about we wait just one minute?"
Jayden and his friends waited for one minute and someone knocked on the door.
"That's not it," said Jayden. "That was Tory Callender. Get out!"
Tory got out.
To the left, Jayden feels alone. And to the right, Benjamin is very good at growling and roaring.
"Benjamin," said Jayden. "You're very good at growling and roaring."
"GRRRR!" growled Benjamin. "I am, because bears are good at growling and roaring, too! But right now, Billy Bear needs to be here in 2014," he continued.
"Time's up," said Jayden.
Benjamin and Jayden are looking forward to listening to all other students.
5 hours later, Kevin and Brian came to Jayden's house, but now, they have started to become teenagers.
"Kevin," said Jasen. "I was allowing you to go to your room."
Kevin and Brian are going to their room. They share their room. It's a perfect place.
Jayden has to be a son.
Darwin is 9 years old, because he has to learn how to spell.
Jashri came in.
"It's the difference between trial and error," said Charles.
On May 6, 2009, Jayden never learned how things go wrong! It is almost bedtime.
Charles agrees with Jayden. He must've let Jayden do lots of different things. That was a lie.
Ryan Brinser tells Jayden to make up decisions.
Everyone else is squealing and laughing.
Charles wants to know that Jayden is not a bully.
Benjamin is NOT happy about his thought via an idea.
"Awooo!" howled Ryan Brinser. "I wonder if I had Lobo in Jayden's house."
"I do, too," Jayden added.
That night, Jayden is brushing his teeth.
"Cadence!" said Jayden. "You've got to turn off your phone!"
"I can't," said Cadence. "I can be on my phone if I want!" Cadence didn't listen before Melany.
Benjamin lets Michael in.
Yazmin doesn't want to come to Jayden's house with him. She got out; and she's nowhere to be found.
Jayden still needs a friend.
"If I were gay, I can kiss students and they'll never get angry, and I'll anoint them to forgive me," said Jayden.
"Good point," said Ryan.
"Excuse me, Jayden," said Noah. "Get away from me."