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Best of Jayden! Part II

by Darwin & Jayden Madhere


Best of Jayden! Part 2
This book is for grades 7 and up.
Welcome Home, Jayden!
Written By: Jayden Madhere
Illustrated By: Jayden Ramos-Muniz, Melany Ramos-Benitez & Jayden Humble
Narrated By: Benjamin Smith
Performed By: Charles Daniels, Ronald Willis, Owen Jacoby & Jasen Garcia
Recorded by: Ryan Brinser, Ed Jules, Gage Janko & Noah Cummings
On May 4, 2004, Jayden is going to make all of his friends. Melany and Melanie realized that Kayden is a monster.
Benjamin drinks the water with his water bottle.
Noah, Ed, Billy Bear, Charles and Isabella are going to continue to make beautiful friends.
"Oh my goodness, I can be part of Gateway Elementary because I look pretty and cute," said Isabella.
Jayden Humble doesn't like Jayden Madhere. 5 seconds later, he turns away.
Benjamin is going to be assumed that Jayden waited just one minute.
Charles, Cadence, Benjamin, Ed, Isabella, Kayden, Jayden, Melanie and Noah were refused to stop making friends.
Ronald, Ed, Kayden, Emma, Billy Bear, Cadence, Isabella, Jayden, Noah and Ryan are going to install the security cameras like anyone else's.
Benjamin needs to remember. He's going to follow directions and get 2 pride bucks or more to report to the stage. "GRRRR!" growled Billy Bear.
"Uh-oh!" cried Jayden. "I can't let that happen because Jayden Humble is mean to me!"
"Not to Jayden Humble! He will slap you and he will get arrested by the police," said Cadence.
Cadence doesn't like Jayden Humble. In a day or two, Jayden Ramos-Muniz and Ed Jules were going to help Jayden with his storybook.
That night, it is now bedtime. Jayden Ramos-Muniz is going to eat Frosted Flakes for tonight.
At 12 midnight, Jayden is going to be asleep until the sun rises.
At 3 in the morning, Jayden Ramos-Muniz is awake. He is using his audio speaker to blast LOUD MUSIC!
"I'M GOING TO PLAY LOUD MUSIC!" shouted Jayden Ramos-Muniz. In 3, 2, 1...
"Oh my gosh! Jayden Ramos-Muniz! Turn off this music right this instant! IT'S TOO NOISY AND YOU'RE WAKING MY FRIENDS UP!" shouted Jayden Madhere. "AS YOUR PUNISHMENT, I'M GONNA CALL THE POLICE ON YOU!" he shouted again. When Jayden calls the police after he dials 911...
"Jayden Ramos-Muniz," said the police. "You are arrested for blasting loud music at 3 am! For your punishment, you are going to jail."
When Jayden gets to jail...
"Jayden Ramos-Muniz," said the police. "If that's your name, stop crying like a baby and listen. First, you and Jayden Humble were filming Jayden Madhere. And now, you blasted loud music at 3 a.m., so you are staying in jail forever! (A long time!) And go to sleep! I don't want to hear a word from you!"
Jayden Madhere is happy that Jayden Ramos-Muniz is arrested for filming him and for blasting loud music. Now he can go to sleep and he'll never be filmed by Jayden Humble and Jayden Ramos-Muniz again.
On October 20, 2005, Jayden woke up at 7 in the morning.
Benjamin and Billy Bear are going to be discovering bears like anyone else.
"Jayden Humble," said Jayden Madhere. "You and Jayden Ramos-Muniz made a video of me, so now I'm going to borrow your phone so I can delete it forever. (A long time!)"