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Chapter 2



Melannie Ramón, Tamara Juela, Belén Bermeo y Berenice Pulla
Difficult Words and Their Definitions
Worrying: To (cause to) feel or be uneasy or anxious
Together: Into or in one gathering or body 
Thoughtful: Showing consideration or care for others; considerate
Warnings: The act of one that warns, something that serves to warn.
Forecast: To predict (a future condition or occurrence)
Hoping: A feeling that events will work out, lost all hope of success.
Seaplane: An airplane with floats for water takeoffs and landings.
Towards: In the direction or proximity
Frightening: (cause) Be frightened
➣Hardworking: Industrious; jealous
Sumary of the Story
First part
Max had studied at The Wings School of Flying for almost a year. He had always been interested in the sky and wanted to fly.
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He always studied hard so he was at the top of his class in high school and the flying school accepted him immediately. And finally he was able to fly into the sky and felt as if he had traveled to a new world.
But at that moment he felt very bad and unhappy. She couldn't stop thinking about Ikemi, he had believed that she liked him very much, even loved him, but she preferred her father over Max, and that hurt her very much.
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From a very young age he was interested in books about the stars and wanted a telescope to admire them.
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Second part
Although, sadly, he decided it was best to forget about her and move on with his life, but he didn't know how because he thought about her every minute of the day.
Max was one of Ross Peters' favorite students, he was smart, serious, hardworking and very quick to learn. Everyone liked Max. If someone needed help or advice, they asked Max for it.
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His teacher saw his unhappy face and asked him if he was okay and Max said yes, but Ross had never seen him so sad.
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Ross asked him if he knew about the hurricane and told him what he had felt when he flew into a hurricane, and Max was very surprised. Then his teacher asked him to help him finish his seaplane and Max agreed to go after school.
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Third part
The weather forecast reported Hurricane Irene and that the coastal areas of South Florida were under a watch.
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A student asked if it was necessary to leave the area, Ross said it wasn't necessary because nothing had happened before and he didn't think this hurricane was going to hit them.
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