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Rob the Rabbit

by Cillian Hayes


Rob the Rabbit
by Cillian, 3rd class.
Once upon a time there was a rabbit named Rob. He lived in an oak tree in the middle of a forest. Rob loved to hop through the forest and he really hoped and prayed not to meet a fox.
Rob's greatest fear was humans. They were BIG,SCARY and they loved to hunt - hunt rabbits!!!
Rob’s greatest fear was humans. They were BIG,SCARY and they loved to hunt-hunt rabbits!!!
One day when Rob was running he came to a cliff. He tried to turn but there was a fox!!!
The fox was big and Rob was small. Rob hopped and bounded but the fox was still behind him. The fox could not catch him. How could that be?
The squirrels had spotted that Rob was running away from the fox, so they started to throw nuts at him! They wanted Rob to escape from his predator.
The fox got hit by a nut. He kept on running but he was hurt.
The chase went on and on. Next a bird came with a frog on it's back. The bird dived down and the frog jumped and landed on the fox. The frog pulled at the fox’s ears.
The fox slowed down and started to squeal. He tried to shake off the frog but it stayed on him - stuck to his head.
The bird swooped around and dived down again, he hit the fox and the fox fell to the ground!!!
Rob turned around to see what was going on. He saw that a frog and a bird had killed the fox. He could not believe his eyes!