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by 2ESO students - Colegio PP Agustinos


Postcards by 2ESO students
Colegio PP Agustinos
Sto. Tomás de Villanueva
Valencia (Spain)
Hi Amelia,
How are you? I hope that fine because I'm very happy. I'm in Barcelone with my family. We've been here just two days and we're going to be here for two more.
In these few days I haven't been in a lot of places but the places I've been are amazing. The first thing I did when I came here was going to a Catalan restaurant near the ''Sagrada Familia''. The food is not much different from Valencian food , but it has their specialties. The "Sagrada Familia" is spectacular: its history, its structure...
We've been to ''Plaza Catalunya'' and we've done some shopping, we've bought souvenirs, clothes, food and other things. At night we've walked around the beach and the ''Jardí Botànic''.
Tomorrow me and my mum are going to Harry Styles Concert, and we're very excited about it, we're going to stay almost all day in the queue to be closer to him.
I'll tell you all about it when I come back.
See you soon

Hi Amelia,
We're in Benidorm, we arrived five days ago and it has been great. Have you ever been? I can't believe the week passed so quickly.
I've played volleyball with my friend Sergio and I've enjoyed it. I've swum on the pool and the beach.
I've also been to a mountain called Sierra Helada. There's an old legend that says if you arrive to the lost island of Benidorm, once you are there, there is no way to return unless you leave a trail. But, as many legends, it is false, several people have managed to return perfectly.
I haven't bought you anything, sorry.
I hope to see the best English teacher tomorrow.
Alejandro A.
Hi Amelia,
We are staying in Galicia for some days. We arrived here last Friday and it is being such a great experience. We have done lots of things , like going to an aquarium or visiting a museum,I do not want to leave this beautiful place!
I have done other things, like going to a little theme park or surfing at a famous beach. This activity was the most difficult one, because the waves were 3 metres high! All the people were excited, they just wanted to dive into the water, but first we had a short lesson about how to move on the board. Finally, I managed to stand on the board and when the lessons finished, I was very happy.
I have not bought you a souvenir because they were too expensive, but I have something better than that for you. Are you able to guess what it is?
See you soon!

Hello Amelia,
I'm in Ibiza! Have you ever been to Ibiza? I can not believe it! these 2 days have happened to me very fast. The first day as soon as I arrived I left the luggage at the hotel and went for a walk with my family on a large beach. It was dinner time and we went to a nearby Italian restaurant. After dinner we returned to the hotel to sleep.
The next day we went to another beach with crystal clear waters, which I liked a lot because of the colourful fish that were under the water. Afterwards we went to a restaurant called The Cave of the Crab, where we ate a delicious paella. Later we came back to the hotel to tell you how everything is going. I've bought a souvenir for you!
See you next week !