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School of Sanctuary Portfolio

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The Journey
Creagh College a school of Welcomes
School of Sanctuary Portfolio
A word from the Principal

Creagh College is committed to inclusion and providing a learning environment for all of our students. This is a place where young people study, learn and socialise with peers whose families are from all across the world: from all continents (except Antarctica!) and from nearly fifty different countries.

While many speak of 'diversity' as a 'challenge', we have always seen diversity as one of our greatest strengths. Diversity is not just about nationality; all faith groups are welcome in our school, we are co-educational and multidemoninational.

Our values naturally coincide with those of the School of Sanctuary and it is a source of great pride for us thtat many of our students, including many who have arrived in our community in need and of and seeking sanctuary have overcome enormous obstacles to achieve success in life, whether that be academic, personal sporting or artistic.

It is a time of great turmoil in the world; war, famine, poverty, economic and political oppression has brought many new families to our community in search of sanctuary. We will continue to welcome those in need of our help and support. We know that while we can be proud of our work in supporting and welcoming all those in need of sanctuary, they themselves bring far more to our school: they add to the diversity of our community, their life experiences, aspirations, resillience and strength adds to and enhances ours and together we can overcome the obstacles and do our small part in making this world a better place for everyone.
Paul Glynn Principal
Who we are
Creagh College Gorey, Co. Wexford was established in September 2011 and is part of WWETB. 

Our Education Philosophy believes in the provision of a positive learning experience that nurtures mutual respect and personal responsibility within a safe, fair and caring environment. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all our activities.  

Our journey so far:
The beginning
 Eleven years ago in September 2011 our school opened its doors for the first time and we welcomed 56 students through its doors. A few months later on the 27th of January 2012, we held our first Cultural Programme Meeting. We were conscious that we had several students from different cultural backgrounds.  We recognised even at this early stage of our school’s development that it was necessary to extend an extra warm welcome to those young people who may be experiencing new barriers, unfamiliar with the school system and all that comes with coming to a new country.  Our first census of different nationalities in 2011 consisted of Hungarian, Lativan, German, Polish, Sri Lanka, Thai,Ukrainian and Irish cultures. 
To spread Awareness and to learn as a whole school,  we decided to hold Seachtain na Gaeile with a twist. We celebrated all that was Irish, also including elements from other cultures that were part of our school now. We used the intercom to say hello in different languages, had an art competition, a poetry competition celebrating poets from other countries. Our club began with these 7 students and their input was very important. It helped to guide us on our journey of a school where inclusion was at the core of who we would become. This was our first cultural event which was held on St Patricks week in 2011 We embraced and celebrated all our student. 
And On our Journey goes

Only three years in operation, in September 2014 we now have students in First, Second and Third year. Eager to continue our journey as a school who promotes Inclusion and cultural diversity, it was priority to support our school community to LEARN about other cultures so we held an Art competition in October with the theme “Multi Cultural Ireland”. All the photos were displayed, and a winner was chosen by the students themselves .In March 2014 we had a week long festivity celebrating the diversity of 23 different cultures who were now part of our school community.  The week included a céilí where all the students had the opportunity to take part and dance. Another afternoon involved a Samba performance which also offered our students the opportunity to join in. Food stands where organised and our students enjoyed cuisine from different parts of the world. It was a wonderful week of dance, song and quizzes, orienteering, cementing Creagh College as a place where diversity is celebrated and welcomed. We ended our week with a fabulous show, involving each culture of our school being participating in a Parade of Flags. Parents, BOM dignatories from the town witnessed each student proudly marching, holding their flag of their country high in the air to the beat of the African drum.  

That day, the Creagh College community had set in stone the type of school we wanted be: A school where everyone is welcome and a school where diversity is celebrated.   We planted our Tree of Hope and our Culture Day Song was sung. Our Map of the world was hung at the front door and posters created by all our students covered our walls with a sea of colour
1916 Commemoration
By 2016 our school enjoyed the inclusion of 27 cultures. The Culture Club was honoured to coordinate Creagh College 1916 commemoration Ceremony. Putting the LEARNING into ACTION, this very poignant ceremony gave all of us the opportunity to share the experiences of cultural diversity in our school, while giving homage to the men and women who sacrificed their lives one hundred years earlier so that we would have the freedoms we are privileged to live with today. The event was started off by welcoming our students from four new countries where they marched with their flag which was displayed on the stage for all to see. Playing our National Anthem with the Uilleann Pipes, songs of Mise Eire, listening to the 1916 proclamation and the names of those who signed it, and a wonderful speech by a member of our Army. The proclamation was read in polish, English and Irish in school and in the local library at a commendation ceremony