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What is the Pancake Flipping Race?
The Pancake Day is a race which takes place in Olney in North Buckinghamshire.
Only women can participate in the race and they must be strictly dressed in their traditional clothes (apron, scarf and skirt) and run through the streets of Olney with their pancakes in hand!
The most important rule is that the pancakes must be tossed in the air all the way through. Then the results are timed and then compared over the phone to determine the winner of the year.
Pancake day is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday and it is tradition to eat pancakes.
The Story
About 500 years ago a lady was making pancakes in her house when she heard the ringing that called the faithful in church. She ran out home hurrying to go towards the church wearing the apron and holding still holding the pan with the pancakes she was cooking.
As the pankakes were still burning she made them jump in the air to avoid getting burned. This scene has remained famous and started the pancake race tradition.

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