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Don't call me a princess

by Jade Dennis


Please don't call me a Princess
Please don't call me a Princess
Or assume I'm syrup-sweet
You may see a pink- cheeked Beauty
But I can also be a Beast.
Please don't only comment
On my pretty clothes or hair
If you really want to stop and chat
Let's talk spaceships, books or bears.
Please don't be astonished
If I like maths or climbing trees
Don't define me as a tomboy
(That says more about you than me)
Please don't paint my childhood
In a million shades of pink
I like things in other colours too:
Brown mud, green pears, blue ink.
Please don't call me bossy
I just know my own (strong) mind
And I may not be a princess
But I can keep you all in line!
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