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Space Legens

by Jaiden Roze'll



               Space Legends

                               By: Jaiden A Roze’ll

           Book 1:Space.


Kilso, emsidpo fi galos de nigolosei? Oh you don’t speak kilo? Sorry? As I was saying, Hello I'm on the Eletro Flyer-X. The spaceship that can hold 15 people! But its only holding 10. Not to shabby, I'm in deep space. After the io* and the zeo’s conquer.* So after that we left, being hunted by the Daggers* and trying to fix the stupid star map. I and Jouse have tried, after all Jouse knows this ship like the back of his hand! After the bombs of io it mutated some humans, giving some powers. But the original source of Yeo* is the Wells Of Yeonosi.* I've have been to 3 of these Wells, giving me Intelligence, water and of course; the secret one. Ha! I pray we can find earth in this vast nothing. “Captain, planet found. Name:Earth Were:Unknown, please fix star maps. Hostile, please avoid.” The computer says. Holy crap. I grab the Digos (Digos is Kilo) that tells the hole ship. “Prepare for landing! This was unexpected but it might have some loot. Oxygen suits required!”
*Io-The great war, a nuclear war that broke the earth into 3 Giant Rocks orbiting The moon.
*Zeo’s Conqor- Zeo is an alien race that took the earth after Io.
*Yeo-Source of all Magic. Is Magic
*Yeonosi- Legendary city. (In many differ planets.)
*Wells are the source of Magic in Yeonosi.


“Oxygen suits required!” I get my armor on and head, and I see our soldiers, me, J.J, Leo, and Adam. To bad Alli is to sick to fight. Grab my pistol and place it in my holster. “Watch out for the zeo. Their stronger that they look” I head outside, and the Captain divides us into 2 groups. “Jouse you come with me,” he commands, “Leo, J.J and Adam. You head north, were going east come back here in 3 hours. Then we shall see what to do here. Agreed?” Everybody speaks at the same time, “Sir, yes Sir!” He grabs his pistol and head on his way. A follow behind him with my Terminal Rifle, We see a building in front of us, half blasted and yellow, rocks flood the house from one corner to the other. The door is closed, but half broken, the road and sidewalk shattered to hell. We walk thought the building, looking at everything, even the captain, I don't want the zeo to trick me. “SCREECH” we hear a huge siren like sound echo throughout the place. CRAP and echofFull*. Jaiden ducks down behind a blue boulder, I follow his example. “Scratch” We hear a small scratch on something. “Stomp!” Its close, the footsteps get louder as I move slowly around the rock, “STOMP!!!” I turn around the corner. DAMMIT! A 8-foot tall gray humanoid body towers over me. Its gray dry skin covering its body. Its HUGE feet with sharp Toe Nails. Its LONG arms with talons at the end/ Its head with 2 red eyes. “PEW PEW PEW!” I fire at it, 3 shots in the head. Three. Just 3 shots. Who knew that was not enough. “Crack.” It grabs me, and my spike feel like it BROKE in HALF. It looks into my soul, then crushed me. And then as the air flies by my face. I'm flying! Flying because I just got thrown by and 8-foot beast. 
“BOOM” I hit wall, thank god for my armor. To bad my oxygen tank broke. WAIT MY TANK Broke. I make a break for the ship. But Jaiden is already there. “PEW PEW PEW.” I shoot him in the head twice. The other hit his just. He morphs into a zeo, and falls to the floor. BANG! Something hits me in the head and my world goes BLACK.
J.J hardly opens his mouth, “The second one.”
“You don't mean-”


We head the way we are told, to the music building. To be honest, I’m SCARED! The war killed my mom, my dad, my brother and my everything...After the war…well, I went with Jaiden. My only hope relied on a 29-year-old man who is still is grumpy about his hair. YEAH, I had more  reason to live on any other planet but this one by 100. I grab my gun and look at J.J, “J.J, use your eye magic to see if there are any crystals!”
“It's called crystal vision,” He says.
“Whatever, Just use it!”
“On it!”
His eyes turn red, then I hear is voice, “Holy crap!”
“It's A RED ONE!” He yells Very loudly
Adam speaks, “Shut up, we don't know what out there.”
J.J rolls his eyes, “Right.”
I speak out of curiosity, “What is so good about a red crystal?”
“There made by the King of Hell himself, there fueled with power,” J.J eyes turn to me, “There to strong for us, but maybe Jaiden can absorb it?”
“Yeah ok, but It must be guarded,” I say to him, “Also witch King of Hell?”

His voice raspy, infused with a hate so large, that when he says his name, his face floods with anger, “William.”
As we arrive to the building, every at the same time, pulls there gun out, J.J walks up to the door, he pulls the handle, and opens the door slowly, a red light seems through the door.
We walk in slowly. I see a floating red crystal, A red mist surrounds the floor. Screaming, that's what I feel like doing right now, Sweat drippels down my neck, Why am I fealing fear, I move closer to the floating ore. Searing pain, like im right next to the sun, “AHHHHH!” I yell on the top of my lungs. COLD. Now im ice ctheirold. J.J comes down to me, “What the Heck, are you OK?!” Everything feels normal now, “Yeah im fine, the crystal gave me a warning.”
A red oval forms out of thin air, an arm, comes out of it, Adam says, “A deamon portal, Be weary!” I stand to my feet, then I see the man coming out of the portal, He wears a black cloack, with the hood down, fire red pants, fancy boots, his eyes, bloody red. Red hair, with black tips, then thats when I realize, who that is, the second strogest deamon in all of existaince, William.


I have to stay in the spaceship, probably because   female? I have no clue, I'm stronger than any one of them, I think its because If I die, the mission will fail. Im the only one with the most crystal power anyway, Buzz, Aari, Come in? I pull the raido from my waist, and up to my mouth, Im in, Whats going  on? I can hear the fear in Adam’s voice. Buzz, Its William, RUN! G-. The raido cuts out, I start bolting in the direction Adam, J.J And Leo were heading. I see them all with there guns, I run next to Adam as he turns his head, he says, “What are you doing here, I told you to Run!”
I see the demonic being peeked his head around the corner, “Blood summoning!”  I grab my knife out of my holster on my ankle, and slice my palm, where a small amount of blood seeps out.  “Summon, blood ice sword.” The blood dissipates, my hand feels fine now, and a hardened blood sword in my hand feels stronger than ever. BAM BAM! J.J Shoots his gun twice at the overpowering  , William sways his hand in front of them, the purple blue lazar shots freeze midair. “Terminal bullets, because those are going to kill me.” He says Sarcastically