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Exploring the Diversity of ePortfolio Practice

by Lisa Donaldson


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Exploring the Diversity of ePortfolio Practice
An international sharing of practice, activities, & assessment
Edited by Lisa Donaldson,
Eportfolio Ireland & Dublin City University
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21st century skills for HRM students, Roisin Donnelly & Ann Masterson, Technological University Dublin 7

Creating Geographical Digital Stories with ePortfolio, Anne Dolan, Mary Immaculate College 11

Implementing a Pilot ePortfolio Initiative, Conor O'Neil, Waterford Institute of Technology 15

Designing a Culminating ePortfolio Showcase, Helen L. Chen, Stanford University 19

Embedding Digital Literacies with Audio, Jen Gennaco, University of New England 24

Evidencing Apprenticeships, Jonathan Murphy, Griffith College Dublin 28

Supporting Teaching Portfolio design with learning recall prompts, Margaret Keane, Maynooth University 34
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Letter to My Advisor, Nora McCook, Bloomfield College 39

Journey Mapping for ePortfolio, Rachel Swinford, Lisa Angermeier, Rose Baker, Stephen Fallowfield, & Mark Urtel, IUPUI 44

Implementing Digital Ethics Support & Practice Principles for Faculty, Sarah Zurhellen, Appalachian State University 47

Writing in STEM, Theresa Conefrey, Santa Clara University 51

Tell Your Story with ePortfolio, Tracy Penny Light, St. George’s University 56

English As a Second Language, Rita Zuba Prokopetz, Educational Consultant 62

Cross Programme ePortfolio with a Student Centric Ethos, Andrew Harver, University of North Carolina 66

Transforming a Nursing Clinical Competency portfolio to an ePortfolio, Barbara Anne Nicolls, Buckinghamshire New University 70

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By Lisa Donaldson, Founding Member Eportfolio Ireland
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Hello readers, and welcome to this book which is a result of the international collaboration of eportfolio practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. We are are so grateful for the openness of eportfolio enthusiasts to share their practice; particularly so in this time of uncertainty and complexity caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

In recent years, it can be seen that ePortfolio practice is finally delivering on its potential to support and indeed transform the student learning experience. Since 2016 it has been considered a High Impact Practice which have been shown to engage students and elevate their performance (Watson et al, 2016). Farrell (2020) states ePortfolio adoption has now become widespread in higher education, a situation that has been facilitated by a global pandemic which forced educators to seek out alternative assessment strategies that could be supported in the online classroom. This may well serve to be the tipping point for this student centered, authentic, and flexible method of assessment.

A previous ebook focused on examples of how ePortfolio could support assessment across many domains and disciplines. This book seeks to harness the collective knowledge and experience of many educators who utilise ePortfolio to support learning activities, placement, professional development and more. We hope that it will serve to spark conversations and explorations of the diversity of ePortfolio practice.
Farrell, O. (2020). From Portafoglio to Eportfolio: The Evolution of Portfolio in Higher EducationJournal of Interactive Media in Education2020(1), 19. DOI:
Watson, C. E., Kuh, G. D., Rhodes, T., Light, T. P., & Chen, H. L. (2016). ePortfolios–The eleventh high impact practiceInternational Journal of ePortfolio6(2), 65-69.

By Tracy Penny Light, President AAEEBL
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Welcome to this collaborative ebook exploring the diversity of ePortfolio practices! At AAEEBL, we are often asked to share examples of activities in different disciplines that our members can adapt for their own ePortfolio implementations. It has long been our desire to create a repository of resources that practitioners can learn from, review, adapt, and reuse in their own contexts. At our most recent AAEEBL Annual meeting, we were asked again for such a resource and Board member, Lisa Donaldson, rose to the challenge. This ebook is what we hope is the first of a set of resources created and curated by members of the AAEEBL and Eportfolio Ireland communities to share practices with each other and with the wider ePortfolio community.

Researchers have argued that for ePortfolios to be done well, they should be viewed as a social pedagogy.   The practices associated with social pedagogies facilitate “…collaboration and exchange as well as learning-centered connection…” (Eynon & Gambino, 2017, p. 176). Indeed, the contributions here honour that notion as educators generously share their practices and activities with others to foster community learning and connection primarily aimed at assisting others to implement ePortfolios effectively.

Thank you to all the contributors to this collection for sharing your activities, experiences, and lessons learned with the international ePortfolio community – I am sure this resource will be valuable to many practitioners and researchers as they work to deepen learning among their stakeholders. 
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Sincere thanks to all the educators and ePortfolio enthusiasts in Ireland, the United States, and beyond who generously contributed their ePortfolio based activities and resources to this book.

It was a collaborative effort between the Steering Committee of Eportfolio Ireland and the Board of the Association of Authentic Experiential and Evidence Based Assessment (AAEEBL). We hope this open and collegial sharing of practice will inspire others to explore the many affordances of ePortfolio.
Lisa Donaldson, Dublin City University, January 2022
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Lisa Donaldson
Tom Farrelly
Orna Farrell
Karen Buckley
Laura Costelloe
Tracy Penny Light
C. Edward Watson
Helen L. Chen
David Hubert
Kathleen Blake-Yancey
Gail Matthews-DeNatale
Susan Kahn
Kevin Kelly
Terrel Rhodes
Jordi Getman-Eraso
Patsie Polly
Candyce Reynolds
Lisa Donaldson
This ebook shares a wide range of exemplars in many different contexts but all with the goal of deepening the student learning experience. Each contribution maintains a consistent format although the processes and end products may be very different.

The At a Glance section should provide a very high level overview of the content of each author's contribution. Each entry contains a description of how the ePortfolio activity was designed and concludes with Lessons Learned and an overall Reflection which we hope will prove illuminating.