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I am not a Number

by noah albers


I am Not a Number
By Kathy Kacer
The beginning
The big man in a black suit came to my house.....
He wanted to take me and my two siblings from our home to go to school
Our parents fought for us to stay home but the man didn't listen and we were sent off to school
I was so scared and fear rose in my throat
We drove off in the car...
I don't want to leave!! Who will look over us?!?
You will have the teachers and each other!!
Speech Bubble
Speech Bubble
We arrived at the school...
we were separated into different buildings, no time to say goodbye to my brothers
I told Sister Mary that my name was Irene Chouchie
Then she told me something I will never forget.....
We don't use names here
we use numbers
Your number is 759
I thought to myself, I am not a number
i was told to take a shower and the soap smelled terrible
I was taken to my room and given a uniform to put on
but the worst was yet to come....