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How The Earth Gained Color
By Azariah Navarro
A original tale. I hope.
One day, Chróma, the god of color was born.
His mother was a part of the universe and many people worshiped her.
But Chróma was different from his mother as he was very colorful.
When Chróma jumped down from the heavens, everything was black and white except for him. He couldn’t believe it!
Chróma was skeptical of his surroundings until he went into a cozy cafe for milk. There was no color! “Can i have some colorful sprinkles?” Chróma asked. “ What is color?” The woman said. Chroma was confused.
Chróma’s mother always taught him that color was good. And without it the world would be boring and miserable.
So Chróma runs out of the cozy cafe in search of any color in world.