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It Takes A Vkillage

by Miranda Marschalk


Student Success!!
It Takes a Village

Stephanie is in grade 11 Healthcare and has not handed in her last two assignments on anatomy and physiology. She normally is on time with her deadlines and is a high achieving student
It's Monday morning and the sun is shining brightly. The classroom is full of fresh air as Ms. Marschalk has opened the windows. No one else is present

'Good morning, Stephanie. Did you give the letter I sent home with you on Friday to your mom"?

Stephanie replied, 'I forgot'.

Ms. Marschalk inquired as to if Stephanie's mom could read English however, she sent the letter home in both English and Mandurian. She also informed Stephanie that she would be calling home after school to follow up and asked if Stephanie could in form her mother.

'I would like to arrange a meeting with the three of us to discuss the recent late assignment submissions'. 'Maybe we can all work together to find a solution that everyone can agree on to help you meet your deadlines' said Ms. Marschalk.
Ms. Marschalk called Stephanie's mom after school and relayed that they had been working on anatomy and physiology but unfortunately, Stephanie had not handed in her last two assignments. She requested both Stephanie's and her mothers attendance at the school for a meeting. Ms Marschalk explained that she was hoping the three of them could devise a plan to help Stephanie meet her deadlines.
The three of them met the following day during lunch period. They brainstormed ways Stephanie could meet her deadlines and pull up her grades to meet success criteria, provincial and MoE standards.

Ms. Marschalk would meet with Stephanie 2 days a week to give her protected time to work on her assignments and to observe and assess her progress. During the last 15 minutes Ms. would provide descriptive feedback and provide it in wr4iting for Stephanie's mom.
During one of the lunch time assignment sessions. Stephanie confided in Ms. Marschalk why she had lost interest in the class. Stephanie had recently broken up with her girlfriend and she had no one to talk to about it. Her mother didn't 't know about her ex.

Ms. Marschalk explained that she had difficulty dealing with the break up with her first boyfriend and that she failed several subjects that year.

She asked Stephanie if she would like to discuss this with the guidance councilor as it had helped her years ago in dealing with something similar. Stephanie did want to, so Ms. Marschalk arranged it immediately.

Ms. Marschalk informed Stephanie's mom that she had a relationship issue and that Stephanie had broken up with her partn er recently and this was causing her distraction with school. She also in formed her that her daughters was meeting with the guidance councilor to discuss it and get some much needed support. Ms. Marschalk just wanted to give the mot6her a heads up.