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It Takes A Vkillage

by Miranda Marschalk

Pages 4 and 5 of 8

Ms. Marschalk called Stephanie's mom after school and relayed that they had been working on anatomy and physiology but unfortunately, Stephanie had not handed in her last two assignments. She requested both Stephanie's and her mothers attendance at the school for a meeting. Ms Marschalk explained that she was hoping the three of them could devise a plan to help Stephanie meet her deadlines.
The three of them met the following day during lunch period. They brainstormed ways Stephanie could meet her deadlines and pull up her grades to meet success criteria, provincial and MoE standards.

Ms. Marschalk would meet with Stephanie 2 days a week to give her protected time to work on her assignments and to observe and assess her progress. During the last 15 minutes Ms. would provide descriptive feedback and provide it in wr4iting for Stephanie's mom.

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